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  2. 18/01/17
  3. We're making some BIG changes to Deadman Mode for the next invitational and season. View the full article
  4. Last week
  5. Thanks my man <3
  6. Nice progress so far! keep it up
  7. Welcome! feel free to join our hc chat hardcore_cc
  8. Hello my names Recylum, or Ryan. I'm 20 years old. I work full time deckhanding on the river. I never played ironman so this will be my first. It looks pretty fun, I'll be following the guide closely to be effiecent but I still want to have fun with it also. Add me ingame if you want, or reply with any tips! Thanks!
  9. Woodcutting all day, i really enjoyed fm/wc uim style.
  10. We'd like to get your thoughts on how we should improve the poll system to better represent everyone in Old School. View the full article
  11. 12/01/17
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  13. We've made a number of improvements to the Chambers of Xeric and the rewards they offer. View the full article
  14. 11/01/17
  15. Thank you for your patience. View the full article
  16. Please sit tight while we perform urgent maintenance on this service. View the full article
  17. With 12 years experience playing RS, I really hate to use guides for anything but there is always room for expanding knowledge especially when people can get very creative with certain things, however the internet as a whole is pretty lack luster when it comes to finding any worth while guides or 'Tips and Tricks' for Hardcore Irons, at least in my opinion. I assume that is because people assume in most cases a Hardcore Iron can simply use a normal Ironman guide and be just fine, which is true for the most part, however in some cases these options simply aren't viable. I know there are some trade secrets that people really don't want to share, but I would like to see some decent guides for certain things that caters to the Hardcore Irons 'One Life' aspect. Are there currently any decent guides specifically made for Hardcore Irons floating around the forums?
  18. RSN - Ooh Glitch Status - Regular Ironman Thanks!
  19. Hi, To start off, my name is Ryan. I'm 22 years old, currently living in Ohio, USA but was born in Perth, Western Australia. My IRONMAN in game name is Ooh Glitch. I enjoy Runescape Athletics Football I am currently a student athlete at a division 1 NCAA school where I am a member of the football program. I decided to make an ironman last week after questioning my actual knowledge of the game I've played for so long, so this is a test for me. I decided to join the forums after I realized a lot of my friends didn't share similar ambitions, so I am on a journey to seek those that share the passion I have, not just for the game, but overall life in general. I look forward to hearing for you,
  20. Hey everybody I'm new to the forums and new to Ironman. I have a main but that going boring after a while. Playing as an ironman has been pretty fun so far. Add me in-game if you wanna say hey
  21. 07/01/17
  22. Very nice dude!
  23. We've been listening to your raids feedback over the past 24 hours and have used it to make a few tweaks to the Chambers of Xeric. View the full article
  24. Hello, Been awhile since I've posted, but only reason I am is to ask a simple question: Anyone here play League of Legends? I recently got back into the game after awhile break. I've created a new account and was wondering if anyone here played. I would be nice to play with people I know/knew. Summoner Name: JKM8 I'll add whomever wants to be added. Just let me know who you are so that I know who I am talking too. EDIT: The account is brand new as I couldn't remember the info to my old account. I should be lvl 30 by the end of the week with boosts. Cheers!
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